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Private-Door, Opening Doors of Opportunity for Everyone

Independent Living

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A Resident's Door Should Not Be
an Obstacle to Independence

Independent Living communities provide residents with the environment and amenities that offer a quality of life purposely intended for them. Private-Door automatic door openers promotes this lifestyle by removing the barriers that doors are to residents who use wheelchairs, scooters, walkers and canes. With a Private-Door automatic door opener, the opening and closing of a door becomes a simple act again. Current and prospective residents will recognize and appreciate the effort you have taken to assure their accessibility to their residence, the facility's amenities and social functions with Private-Door automatic door operators.

Private-Door Provides Benefits For Both Residents And Management

Private-Door is a unique product that provides benefits for both the resident and management. Private-Door enhances resident life's by providing a simple convenience the fulfills a basic need, and provides management with numerous benefits also, follow the links below to learn the complete story on this "win, win" relationship.

What Is A Private-Door
Enrich Resident's Lives

Enhanced Facility's Image
Reduce Liability
Increased Revenues &Minimize Vacancies
Independent Living Video

Private-Door will Partner with management to maximize the benefits, savings and income that Private-Door can offer to a facility and its residence. Private-Door sales associates will review with management the various avenues to offer automatic door openers to the residents. Private-Door will explain the features and benefits, help select a cost effective model that fulfills the facilities application and assist management with material, displays and other promotional materials to share the message with residents.

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