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Private-Door, Opening Doors of Opportunity for Everyone


Frequently Asked Questions


Feel free to contact us with any questions we do not provide below. Go to the Contact Page for complete information.

Installation Questions

When my door is open, it is close to a wall. How much room do I need?
The Private-Door required 3 1/2 inches of space between the wall and the face of the door.

How large of a door can Private-Door open?
Private-Door can be installed on a 36 inch weighing up to 100 pounds.

How many degrees will my door open?
The door can swing up to 120 degrees.

Why does the Private-Door Assistant Require a Lever Style Handle?
The Private-Door Assistant incorporates the Door Release which unlatches the door. The Door Release only works with lever style handles.

I have an expensive door and don't want to mount Private-Door to it. What can we do?
The Private-Door's components mount to the edge of your door so no holes are drilled in the face of the door. When stained or painted, the Private-Door virtually disappears into the surface of the door.

What kind of power will I need?
Private-Door requires no high voltage wiring, it is powered by a 12 volt plug-in transformer. To learn more got to "Low Voltage Wiring" page.

Can I install a Private-Door on the entrance to my commercial building or store?
No. Private-Door is designed to be installed on interior doors of residences and the interior office doors of professional buildings. Private-Door Commercial is intended for the entrances of commercial buildings. To learn more go to the "Where Not To Use Private-Door" page.

Can I install a Private-Door on a screen door?

Our door opens to the outside, can I install a Private-Door?
Sorry, Private-Door can only be installed on the inside of the residence. It can be installed on a door that swings into a garage but not into a porch, breezeway or carport.

Why can a Private-Door be installed on a door that swings into a garage and not into a porch?
The Private-Door's electronics are not designed to be exposed to the elements. A garage provides ample protection for the Private-Door's electronics

Can I install a Private-Door on French doors?
You can install Private-Door on French doors under these conditions.
1) The two doors swing into the home.
2) Only one door is to be automated.
3) The door to be automated functions like a traditional single door.

Private-Door's color does not match well with my home's doors. Can I paint it?
Private-Door's covers and raceway can be painted to match your décor.

Operation Questions

How will I activate my Private-Door?
Private-Door is activated by a radio control only that provides separate buttons to Open, Close and Stop the door.  You can stop the door at any place and reverse it at anytime. To learn more go to the "How It Works Radio" page.

After I install a Private-Door, can I still open and close my door manually?
Yes. Private-Door will "Free-Float," providing resistant-free manual operation of the door.

Will Private-Door open my locked door?
Yes the Private-Door Assistant and Executive will. The Private-Door Assistant uses the Door Release, exclusive with Private-Door, that eliminates the need for an electric strike.

Will Private-Door secure my door when it closes my door?
Yes, if your door is secured when you close it manually it will also be secured when the Private-Door closes it. Go to the "Security Page" to learn more.

What about Dead Bolts?
Private-Door will not secure or unlock dead bolts. You will have to and  unlatch the dead bolt before using the Private-Door

What is the Door Release?
The Door Release is a simple device that automatically turns a lever style handle. To learn more go to the "How It Works Door Release" page.

What is an electric strike release?
An electric strike release is an electrical device that is installed in the door frame. When activated, it permits the door to be opened without turning the door handle. The installation of an electric strike release is involved and time consuming.

What happens if an object gets in the way of the moving door?
Private-Door should only be used by mature individuals who are in line of sight of the door when operating. The individual can at anytime stop or reverse the door with the remote control. The Private-Door uses minimum force to move the door, if  something obstructs the door the Private-Door torque limiter will cause the door to stop moving until the object is removed then it will complete the cycle.

What happens if a person or pet charges "shoves the door" while it is moving?
The Private-Door overload device will permit the motor to slip preventing damage to the unit. 

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