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Private-Door, Opening Doors of Opportunity for Everyone

People With Special Needs

People with special needs

People With Special Needs
       Have Control & Independence
               With A Private Door Solution

"A Simple Convenience That Fulfills A Basic Need"

Control your privacy and environment with remote control convenience. With a push of a button Private-Door opens and closes interior doors not only for convenience but for greater maneuverability and reduced risk for those using wheelchairs, walkers, scooters, or canes. Private-Door is the economical solution to the barriers that doors become to maturing family members or people with special needs. With Private-Door automating a door is no longer a luxury, but an affordable solution that provides independence and accessibility.

A Helping Hand
Enjoy easy access to apartments, bedrooms, home offices, studies, bathrooms, and passageways. A push of the button will open and close interior doors for privacy and control over your environment. Private-Door announces your intentions, close your door to enjoy quite time, open your door to invite visitors.

Removing Barriers
Studies show that interior doors in residence are the largest barrier to people with special needs and mature adults. Private-Door removes these barriers for those using a wheelchair, scooter, walker, or cane, making easy entry, reduces the need to maneuver awkwardly or rearranging furniture.

Open your door to invite guest in or close it for privacy, Private-Door lets your intentions be known. Control your environment, close your door to avoid distracting noise or temperature control.

Unique Feature
Family members or guest continue to open and close automated doors manually with no noticeable difference. Only the person with the remote control opens and closes the door automatically, assuring Private-Door will provide years of trouble free service.

Select A Private-Door
Private-Door is available in two models, the economical Private-Door Solo and the Private-Door Assistant.

The Private-Door Solo
The Private-Door Solo is designed to be economical and simple to install. This is achieved by opening and closing the door to the "Ajar Position" which provides privacy for all but the most sensitive situations. To close the door completely the door latch can be disabled. The Private-Door Solo is popular with bedroom and bathroom doors. Go to the Private Door Solo page to learn more.

The Private-Door Assistant
The Private-Door Assistant fully automates interior doors with lever style handles, opening them from and closing them to the full close position. The Private-Door Assistant eliminates the need for a complicated door strike with the Door Release which is a simple device that turns the lever handle prior to opening the door the same as person does. Go to he Private-Door Assistant page to learn more.