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Private-Door, Opening Doors of Opportunity for Everyone


    Private-Door Is
        "A Luxury That Once Used Becomes A Necessity"
            And Private-Door is the affordable Luxury


Private-Door Provides Privacy, Increase productivity,
Status & Impact

The door to your office should provide accessibility when desired and privacy when required from the convenience of your desk. Open your office door to imply availability to your staff or shut the door to relay a "do not disturb" mode. The Private-Door Suite offers three solutions described below to control your office door from the convenience of your desk, providing control over your office environment. Private-Door also provides the same benefits for the home office too.

Privacy On Demand
Never again will you interrupt an important telephone call with "please hold while I shut my office door. Make your clients and visitors feel more comfortable by shutting the office door discretely without interrupting sensitive conversation. Then open the door again at the conversations conclusion.

Increase Productivity
An office is not private with an open door, Private-Door creates the privacy you need and deserve by automating your office door. Without leaving your chair you have complete control over your office environment. Private-Door increase your productivity by shutting the office door to general office distractions and the uninvited. Open your door to supervise the general office and to demonstrate your availability.

Private-Door will show not only you have arrived but that you know the value of a office tool the removes distractions and increases productivity.


Use Private-Door to open your door for visitors becomes a conversation piece that puts visitors at ease. To add impact to your negotiations close your office door with Private-Door during a sensitive topic.

Private-Door is perfect for incentive programs, gifts and rewards. It shows appreciation for accomplishments, patronage or years of service.

Home Office
Open your office door to enjoy family members company. When necessary shut your office door to normal family activities and distractions to concentrate  on projects and to maintain a professional phone demeanor when speaking to or calling clients.

Removes Barriers
Private-Door is a reasonable accommodation that removes the barriers doors become to employees who have special needs.

Unique Feature
Guest continue to open and close automated doors manually with no noticeable difference. Only the person with the remote control opens and closes the door automatically, assuring Private-Door will provide years of trouble free service. You can continue to secure your door.

The Private-Door Solo
The Private-Door Solo is designed to be economical and simple to install. This is achieved by opening and closing the door to the "Ajar Position" which provides privacy for all but the most sensitive situations. To close the door completely the door latch can be disabled. The Private-Door Solo is popular with bedroom and bathroom doors. Go to the Private Door Solo page to learn more.

The Private-Door Assistant
The Private-Door Assistant fully automates interior doors with lever style handles, opening them from and closing them to the full close position. The Private-Door Assistant eliminates the need for a complicated door strike with the Door Release which is a simple device that turns the lever handle prior to opening the door the same as person does. Go to the Private-Door Assistant page to learn more.

The Private-Door Executive
The Private-Door Executive is the model of choice where aesthetics are important. A unique door strike is provided that installs inside metal frame doors. It can also be installed in wood frame doors and does not require the door trim to be modified as traditional door strikes do. Go to the Private-Door Executive page to learn more.