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Private-Door, Opening Doors of Opportunity for Everyone

Where Not To Use

Where not to use Private-Door

Proper Application:
Private-Door is a personal door operator intended to automate the interior doors in single family homes, individual condominiums, apartments and office.  Private-Door is not a commercial door operator and should not be installed on public entrances of commercial buildings.

Private-Door is a convenience to access a residence or office.  Private-Door is not a security device and should not be construed as one. If it is intended that the door lock upon closing, be sure to verify this the same as you would if you had manually closed the door. In case of a power failure always take your keys with you or purchase the optional battery backup unit.

Door Condition and Repair:
The door should be in good repair prior to the installation of the Private-Door. The door must open, close and seal with minimum effort. Wood doors and frames should be painted or stained after repair to prevent the swelling or warping of the door. Tri-Cor International will void the warranty if it determines that the Private-Door was installed on a door in poor repair.

Private-Door is not intended to be installed on doors with any form of weatherstripping.

Door Specifications:
The Private-Door will automate a door that is 36 inches in width and weighs up to 100 pounds.

Improper Installation:
Private-Door is designed to be installed on the inside of a home or office. Private-Door is not meant to be installed on the exterior of a building or where it is exposed to the elements. Private-Door is not meant to be installed on a door that swings to the outside of the residence.

                   No Home Entrance Doors

                  No Home Entrance Doors

                  No Commercial Doors

                 No Commercial Doors

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